Imām Zādeh al-Jūghī, Shirʿat al-Islām


This is a classical exposition of proper manners (ādāb) that cover a wide range of human activities and relationships,

including ritual worship, social dealings and environmental awareness. Inshallah I will post short readings which will cover the entire text, reading the Arabic and offering an English translation, along with small points of commentary, largely from the Shar Shirʿat al-Islām of Yaʿqūb ibn Sayyid ʿAlī. I would like to thank Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, who gifted me a copy of this book almost 20 years ago, and only many years later did I realise the value of the gift. Jazāhu Allāhu khayran.

I must point out that this text is almost 900 years old. Not all of the ‘proper manners’ will feel current or relevant or suitable. But I hope that the spirit of the book will give much food for thought and contemplation for listeners, whether researchers interested in pietistic works from this particular anafī milieu or Muslims seeking to learn and live the Sunna.

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