Abstracts and downloads of writings may be found at the hyperlinks below, as well as the space for comments and engagement with these writings.

1. “A Theory of Early Classical Ḥanafism: Authority, Rationality and Tradition in the Hidāyah of Burhān al-Dīn ʿAlī ibn Abī Bakr al-Marghīnānī (d. 593/1197)”. DPhil dissertation, University of Oxford, 2017.

2. “A Tale of Two Kufans: Abū Yūsuf’s Ikhtilāf Abī Ḥanīfa wa-Ibn Abī Laylā and Schacht’s Ancient Schools”. Islamic Law and Society, 25 (2018): 173-211.

3. Eighty-Seven Cases of Disagreement Between Abū Ḥanīfa (d. 150/767) and Ibn Abī Laylā (d. 148/765) With Their Precedents: An Appendix to Sohail Hanif, “A Tale of Two Kufans: Abū Yūsuf’s Ikhtilāf Abī Ḥanīfa wa-Ibn Abī Laylā and Schacht’s Ancient Schools” (an article published in Islamic Law and Society, 25:3 [June, 2018])

4. “Al-Ḥadīth al-Mashhūr: A Ḥanafī Reference to Kufan Practice?” Pages 89-110 in Locating the Sharia: Legal Fluidity in Theory, History and Practice. Edited by Sohaira Siddique. Leiden: Brill, 2018.

5.“Al-Kāsānī”, Encyclopaedia of Islam, 3rd edition.

6. “The Questions of Abū Ḥanīfa.” Diyanet İlmî Dergi, 56 (2020): 1349-1404. (uploaded 4th January, 2021)

7. “Hadith and Fiqh in the Ottoman Period Between Egyptian and Rumelian Ḥanafīs, 9th-11th Centuries A.H.” Pages 229-85 in Osmanlı’da İlm-i Hadis. Edited by Zekeriya Güler, Bekir Kuzudişli, Mustafa Celil Altuntaş. Istanbul: İSAR Yayınları, 2020. (uploaded 14th January, 2021)

8. “Abū Yūsuf’s Ikhtilāf Abī Ḥanīfa wa-Ibn Abī Laylā and the Transmission of Knowledge in the Formative Period of the Ḥanafī School.” Islamic Law and Society (2021): 1-33.


Coming Soon

The following has passed peer review and is awaiting publication.

1. “Engaging Politics with Zakat”.


Projects in the Pipeline

The following are projects I am working on. Some have neared completion. Others I have agreed to write but have yet to start. If anyone has any leads or input on any of them, please get in touch. I will hopefully make a page for some of these to discuss the projects and solicit input.

1. An article on dating Abū Yūsuf’s Ikhtilāf Abī Ḥanīfa wa-Ibn Abī Laylā.

2. A book chapter on women’s inheritance and leadership in classical Islamic jurisprudence.

3. An encyclopaedia entry on Qāḍīkhān.

4. A bibliography on Ḥanafī law.

5. The book of the thesis! (I’m quite terrified of having to revisit the thesis to make it into a book, but that is what I told the publishers I’d do by the summer. If anyone out there has read the thesis and has feedback and advice to share, please get in touch. Thanks:)